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zig-zag spring / no-sag springs

Zig-zag springs (also named Sinuous springs) are generally used in upholstery, bedding, and car-seating manufacturing. Our Company has been producing zig-zag springs since 1955 and we are one of European leaders thanks to our quality and price competitivity.

We export and sell all over the world directly or through our local distributors.

Wire diameter range:
from 2,50 up to 4,20mm – Height of the wave: from 35 upt to 80mm

Typologies of zig-zag springs availables:
- zig-zag springs in rolls of 25mts., or 30mts. (different lenght can be agreed according to customer’s special requirement)
- zig-zag springs in cut lenghts: flat, curved or highly curved (circles).

Endings typologies available:
- terminal with bend;
- terminal with eyelet;
- terminal with coupling for direct insertion to frame.

Superficial Treatments:
- raw;
- zinc-plated;
- powder-coated.

For ordering and additional informations:
Molle a zig zag

Zig-zag springs in rolls of 25 or 30 mts.
Other lengths are available on demand.

Wire diameter range:
from 2,50 mm to 4,20 mm.

from 40 to 100 mm (TH, TP, SL)

Zig Zag Height:
from 35 to 80 mm

raw steel, black-powder coated, zinc-plated.

Molle a zig zag

Zig-zag spring in lengths, according to customer’s demand. Those springs can be flat, low curved or highly curved. Other characteristics are wire diameters (d.), height (H) and pitch (P) as per below chart.

d (mm.) Hg (mm.) P (mm.)
Passo stretto
(Narrow pitch)
TH 2,50 - 4,20 45 - 50 45
Passo largo
(Wide pitch)
TP 2,80 - 4,20 50 - 55 60
Super loop SL 2,50 - 4,20 55 - 80 100

Zig-zag springs: Endings typologies available

Zig-zag springs


Terminal with bend

Zig-zag springs with direct insertion in frame


Terminal with coupling for direct insertion in frame

Zig-zag springs with eyelet


Terminal with eyelet

Special shapes with bendings are available on demand

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